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Are you having anxiety over throwing your babe an epic bachelorette because all you can think about is how to feed your gang? Is your bride-to-be’s main hobby food, and you’re not even sure how to cook chicken? Heck let’s be honest, you burned KD last night for dinner! Don’t stress girl, because we’ve got you covered. Whether you are expected to provide a full meal, some snacks, or just some awesome desserts, we’re here for you. We know the in’s and out’s when it comes to eating in style, on a budget, and simply keeping that entire group of feisty women happy. I’m sure we can all agree that there is no room at a bachelorette for a group of “H-ANGRY” babes!

If you’re bachelorette consists of a weekend getaway, eating out for every meal can become quite costly. This is the perfect time to incorporate some “special touches”, as we like to call them, and delegate some tasks amongst your party. The girls can either all pitch in ahead of time in order to split costs, or each babe can take on a specific role. Charcuterie boards, a wine and cheese hour and mimosa bars are all creative options that help to keep tummy’s full and spirits high. They can be done on a budget, are easy to prep, and they make great time fillers if you have a few hours you need to kill back at the party’s home-base.

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Meat and cheese boards are our go-to for no stress entertaining. Load them up with all your fave cheeses, cured meats, fruits, nuts and spreads. Obviously, add the wine and some fresh baguette and damn girl, you have yourself a meal!

So how do we accomplish this so eloquently? It’s super simple, and if you’re anything like us, you can get this all done before you even head out for that big weekend getaway. Preparation is KEY!

First and foremost, find the right board to build your platters. Large cutting boards, marble slabs, slate boards or ceramic platters are great options.

Choose a variety of cured meats to add to your board, as well as a variety of soft and hard cheese options. It is important to incorporate cheeses with varying milk types and colours.

Add some cured olives, a few spreads, jams and some mustards to paint your board with some colour and flavour.

Lastly you can add some fresh fruit, crackers and baguette, as well as some nuts to your arrangement.

Note that it is always more appetizing to eat something that is pretty! With that being said, don’t cut everything and throw it on your board hoping to create an abstract work of art. Prosciutto is an easy meat to work with as it can be folded into quarters and placed into piles. This adds texture to your board. Place your crackers, fresh fruits and nuts to fill the void spaces. The key to a beautiful board is to group everything in piles, all while mixing different shapes, sizes and colours. Also, adding some fresh herb sprigs never hurt anybody!

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Wine and cheese are two of life’s great culinary pleasures. If you are partying on a budget, wine and cheese hours are also the perfect substitute to hitting up that oh so pricey and refined restaurant for drinks and apps. Why pay $12.00 a glass when you can have the whole bottle?

It’s simple to find the perfect match with the internet right at your fingertips. Educate yourself on at least three or more pairings with a quick Google search before you take a trip to your nearby liquor store and food market. This way you will be sure to wow your girls and show your bride-to-be that you’re not just a pretty face for her ever-lasting wedding pics. Here is a simple guide to help get you started off on the right foot!

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Bachelorette parties tend to have a bad reputation when it comes time to boozing, but who says you have to drink to swill? Mimosa bars are geared towards a more classy vibe and are the greatest invention known to any event. Most often served with brunch, this super simple, yet versatile cocktail will have your entire gang perked up and ready to start the fully planned day ahead of them. Follow these quick and easy steps to help improve your hosting skills.

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You will need a couple bottles of champagne (sparkling wine works wonders or Prosecco). Aim for a dry and cheaper bottle within the $10-$15 range. You should stay away from the sweeter bottles to avoid competing with the sweetness of your fruit juices.

Add a variety of fruit juices, some sliced fresh fruit, and a unique garnish to top it all off (cotton candy, sparklers, mini cocktail umbrellas, or fancy straws).

Use cute glassware to display your fruit juices, fresh fruit and drink ware. Make it simple for everyone, and add some labels and signage.

When decorating, stick to a theme. Use colours and textures that coordinate with the style you are aiming for. Incorporate a handmade (if you’re the DIY type) or purchased sign to help welcome your babes. Charming Endeavours based out of Toronto, ON has a wide variety of elegant and colourful signage that can be found on Etsy. If you wish to draw more attention to your bar, create a backdrop behind your table. You won’t be able to miss it!

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When it comes to planning any aspect of a bachelorette party, the main goal is to squash any opportunity for conflict. Often, this occurs around the matter of food. We all want to eat well, but Karen doesn’t eat fish, and Susan is allergic to eggs, Katelyn only has $20.00, and Cheyenne wants to dine at the new French restaurant with meals starting at $87.00 a plate. By dotting your I’s and crossing your T’s, there shouldn’t be room for anyone to have issues.

Discuss with the party prior to, in order to rule out any allergies and dislikes to certain foods.

Request a budget from each girl.

Try to incorporate “special touches” to lower costs and add a personal vibe to the weekend.

Be creative, research your destination, and find unique, fun and bougie ways to dine with your babes.

Don’t forget to spoil that bride-to-be!


When it comes to wining and dining, there are a variety of options to choose from. Depending on your destination, hiring a private chef is definitely at the top of our list. With prices ranging from as low as $30 per guest to prices over $150, it is important that you complete your research before choosing who is the right pick for your squad. Most often, the chef will allow you to choose a set menu prior to, and to decide on how many courses you would like offered. This will grant your babes more time for the good stuff, like gossip and laughter, opposed to spending fifteen minutes or more on what salad tickles your fancy. They will likely require a down deposit, and you can even opt to pay in full prior too. No one is digging into their clutches for money, and the bride-to-be doesn’t sit there awkwardly wondering if she needs to pay her bill or not. It diminishes any opportunity for banter and keeps a smooth rhythm going for the events to follow. It’s also great because you don’t have to leave your cozy accommodations! This is the true meaning of delivery service, am’ I right?

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If you’re bride-to-be is more like us, and needs a bit more spice added to her dish, hire her a private chef of her own from Butlers in the Buff. They are hand selected to be cheeky, outgoing and an all-around good time! They can whip you up a 5-course meal, man the BBQ, manage the bar, or simply provide the ladies with some hunky entertainment. You even have the option to choose what they wear, which to me, would be a no brainer!

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Another great option is to participate in a hands-on cooking class with your babes. For example, a top-notch location, Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts in Vancouver, BC offers a wide array of classes, from casual lessons to wine programs. Become more educated in the kitchen and eat a delicious meal that you created all for $140 a person. A more quant and intimate experience is provided by, The Chef Upstairs in Toronto, ON. With class sizes accommodating up to a maximum of 16 people and prices as low as $99 per person. Your squad can whip up some Spanish Tapas, tour Italy with feel-good comfort food, and travel to sunny Morocco for some flavourful North American eats. Lastly, The Urban Element in Ottawa, ON is housed in an old fire studio and offers a spacious cooking area. It’s unique atmosphere, wide variety of hands-on classes, fundamental workshops, masterclasses and wine/beer dinner are a go-to if you’re celebrating in the area. The cost per babe is $130 well spent!

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A “velvet rope” reservation is another way to make sure your bride-to-be dines lavishly. Many restaurants cater to bachelorette parties and offer special deals and incentives in order for your party to book with them. You can call or email in advance to request a set menu option. This way your crew will know what to pay, everything that is included with their meals and how much they will need to chip in for the guest of honour. Here at Bach Babes, we don’t believe any bride-to-be should have to pull out her wallet. Lastly, don’t be afraid to ask for a bevy or two on the house for the bride-to-be! If they don’t go above and beyond to make her evening extra, there is always another place that will.

These are just a few of the ways you can ensure that your foodie bride-to-be ends her bachelorette party with a full belly and a happy heart. If you’re still unsure of how to please your picky bestie, drop us a line at Bach Babes and let us help plan her a dreamy last fling before the ring.

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